10 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

If your kids are looking for something to do this summer, why not try magic? There are plenty of magic tricks that children can learn. Most of them don’t take a lot of time to master, and only require a few simple materials.

Here are 10 easy magic tricks for kids to learn:

  • The Moving Toothpick. For this trick, all you need is a toothpick, some detergent or shampoo and a large flat container. Fill the container with water. Add a few drops of the shampoo or detergent on the toothpick, and place the toothpick on the surface of the water. It will appear to magically move across the water!
  • Guess The Number. You can amaze your friends with your mind-reading skills! Ask someone to think of a number. Any whole number will do. Then, ask them to double their number. Add an even number to it that you choose. Have them divide the number in half, and then subtract their original number. Their answer will always be half of the even number that you asked them to add!
  • The Rubber Pencil. This is a great trick for beginners. It just takes a bit of practice. Take an ordinary pencil and hold it on the eraser side, gripping it loosely with your thumb and index finger. Shake the hand that’s holding the pencil up and down. You should be able to shake the pencil fast enough so that it appears like the pencil is made out of rubber. It’s a nifty optical illusion that’s sure to impress your family and friends.
  • The Floating Ring. This one will take a little more effort, but the results are well worth it. You will need a piece of black thread, a pencil and some clear tape. Use the tape to attach the thread to the top of the pencil, right under the eraser. Attach the other end of the thread to one of the buttons on your shirt. The thread should be long enough so that it’s tight when your arm is fully extended. The pencil should be held eraser side up.

When performing the trip, get a ring from a member of the audience. Place the ring on the pencil from the eraser side. Rest the ring on your finger, and inform the audience that you are about to make the ring levitate. Slowly pull the pencil away from you. As the string attached to it tightens, it will appear as if the ring is levitating.

At the end of the trick, pull the pencil outward to remove the tape and string and hand the pencil and ring to the audience member that you borrowed it from. The thread and tape shouldn’t be noticed by anyone.

  • Magnetic Playing Cards. This is another popular favorite. For this one, you’ll need an ordinary deck of playing cards, a pair of scissors and some glue or tape. Take one of the playing cards and use the scissors to cut a small flap in the center. Fasten that card to the back of another playing card, and make sure that the edges of the cards don’t overlap. Add a few more playing cards and fan them all out in your hand. Have the card you altered in the center, making sure that you can access the flap easily. That card should be held between your index and ring fingers. Release your thumb and hold out the cards. It should appear as if the cards are being magnetically stuck to your fingers. It may take a few tries to perfect your grip to make this trick work.
  • Pepper and Water. An easy trick that anyone can do. You’ll need an ordinary glass of water, some pepper and soap. Add the pepper to the water. When your friends put their fingers into the water to try and separate the pepper, nothing happens. However, when you attempt the same thing, the pepper magically separates for you! The key is to rub your fingers with soap before the trick. The soap does the job.
  • Guess the Coin. Another simple magic trick that doesn’t take a lot of practice. You should have about 4 to 6 coins with different dates on them. Place them on a table and ask a volunteer to choose one of them. Tell them to hold the coin in their palm and try to remember the date on it. Then they should return the coin to the pile. When you’re looking at the coins, the coin that feels warmest is the one the volunteer picked. Remember the date on it. Close your eyes, and say something about the date on the coin as you reveal the correct coin to the volunteer.
  • Bending a Spoon. This optical illusion is another preferred trick for many amateur magicians. All you need is an ordinary spoon. Hold the handle of the spoon with both hands to make it seem like you’re applying pressure to it. Place the end of the bowl of the spoon against a table so that the audience can see what you’re doing. Keep pushing your hands down on the spoon. Let the spoon fall to the floor but cover it so the audience isn’t aware of the illusion. Pick up the spoon and rub your hands on it to make it appear as if you’re restoring the spoon to its usual shape.
  • Guess Your Age. Another easy trick to perform. All you need is a calculator, pen and paper. Select an adult volunteer from the audience, and ask them to enter their age in the calculator, making sure to hide the screen from the rest of the audience. Have them add a one to it, and then multiply that number by five. They should then multiply that figure by ten. Have the volunteer write the new total on a piece of paper. Look at the number. The first two digits of the number are the person’s age.
  • Pen Through a Dollar Bill. A fun trick that only needs a little prep work. Take a piece of paper that’s the same width as the dollar and fold it in half. Take the dollar and cut a slot into the Federal Reserve logo. When you’re performing this trick, make sure that this slot is concealed by your hand. Fold the dollar in half. Tuck the piece of paper into the bill and insert the pen into the fold. It should fit through the slot cleanly. Push the pen through the paper. Show your audience how the paper has a hole in it and the dollar does not – take a look on this article on cool tricks to learn.

These are just some of the many magic tricks that kids can learn. There are plenty of books and tutorial videos online that can help them master these and other illusions. You can help them with their preparations.

Feel free to be creative and craft your own magician hats, capes and other accessories. You can have magic exhibitions at home, where your child can amaze audiences young and old. You’ll be making priceless memories that will last a lifetime.